Facing Darkness In Order To Experience Light

This month is all about shadow work. The purpose of shadow work is to transmute and transcend negative beliefs and patterns that are affecting your current experience.

Below are some prompts to help you do the work:

I secretly enjoy allowing certain people to get under my skin because _________________.


If I'm honest, I have the same negative traits as my mother. For example: ________________.


When I set goals that I convince myself I want to achieve, beneath it all, I feel _______________ (something negative).


The one negative thing I cant stop saying to myself is ________________. And, honestly, I'm hanging onto to this negativity because _____________.


Positive people make me feel so _______________ (something negative). What does this say about me? It says ___________________.


What's next?

Accept it. Sit with it. Now, keep going. You will find you are empowered with more conscious choices. Keep doing the work and keep shining, Goddesses.