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Body of a Goddess

Palo Santo Set

Palo Santo Set

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This Palo Santo Set contains 3 ethically-sourced pieces of this sacred wood from Peru, perfect for sacred rituals and cleansing. Sustainably collected from fallen trees, each piece has a natural intense aroma that brings peace and tranquility. Cut by hand and sourced from licensed farmers, these sacred pieces are sure to awaken your spirit. Approximately 4 inches.


  • Blank

  • Goddess Engraved Set - Goddess Tings, Black Women Are A Luxury, At Peace And On Fire.

  • Custom - Perfect for a personalized gift or for company branding. Includes a free rose quartz crystal. Add your custom text in the notes section. Please allow 10 days for custom orders. If you order other items, they will ship with the custom palo santo set.

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