Transforming Daily Routines Into Opulent Rituals

Transforming Daily Routines Into Opulent Rituals

Body of a Goddess was created to encourage women to be present in their everyday routines. Start the day by saying affirmations, take time to meditate, indulge in self-care, and self-love daily.

All of our oils contain an Ancient Egyptian aphrodisiac called Blue Lotus Absolute. It's a natural anxiety/stress remedy, provides intense moisture, it can elevate consciousness during meditation, speeds wound healing, and is thought of as the cannabis of Ancient Egypt.

We only make these oils once a month, on the full moon. We infuse them with clear quartz crystals and say affirmations over them while they are blended. They bathe under the light of the full moon and are bottled up the next day!

We go so hard for self-care and self-love because when we show ourselves, LOVE, on the regular, we become better wives, better mothers, better sisters, and better friends. We become LOVE.

We've now expanded our line to include self-care products for Gods and for the home.

Transforming daily routines into opulent rituals!

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