The Fragrances

Grandiose Garden
It’s an intoxicating floral as you've never smelled before. Smells like a group of young black women whose passports have more stamps than a post office, who genuinely celebrate each other, and won't settle for less.
Notes: Datura Flower - Ripe Berries - Sparkling Champagne

Lavish Velvet
It’s warm, dramatic, and addictive. Smells like a black lady that owns a successful business, drives a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, and has no debt.
Notes: Rich Black Plum Nectar - Musky Vanilla - Tropical Lychee - Deep Sandalwood

Bourgeois Boho
It’s sweet, subtle, and luxurious. Smells like probably what Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Sade smell like when they come together to mentor Zendaya - minus the weed.
Notes: Bohemian Amber - Light Vanilla - Soft Honey

Ethereal Essence
It’s floral, yet fruity, and divinely feminine. Smells like Heaven! Her beauty is out of this world and her energy is light and peaceful. She's an angel on earth and smells like one too.
Notes: Tropical Passion Flower - Bright Grapefruit - Luscious Raspberry

Cashmere Obsession
Smells DELICIOUS! It's soft and deliciously sweet. Get ready for your newest obsession.
Notes: Warm Amber - Comfy Cashmere - Musk - Sheer Vanilla -Sandalwood - Peach Blossom - Rose Petals - Ylang Ylang - Egyptian Jasmin - Patchouli - Italian Vetiver

Protecting My Peace
Instantly relieve tension and eliminate feelings of stress with this aromatherapy fragrance. Take a steamy hot shower with our matching body wash and foaming body scrub, then apply this oil just before slipping under your sheets. just had a luxurious spa day.
Notes: Calming Green Tea - Clean Bamboo - Soothing Lavender - Crisp Bergamot - Complex Neroli

Creme de la Femme
This seductive, flirty, whimsical fragrance brings all the boys to the yard. 
Notes: Luminous Pink Sea Salt - Tropical Tiare - Soft Marshmallow - Creamy Orange - Sweet Vanilla

Summer Allure

You've been whisked away to a private paradise. The sun beams down on your shoulders, the sea salt gently sprays across your face, turquatic water surrounds you. The yacht begins to slow and you fix your gaze on the Private Island just ahead of you.
Notes: Juicy Mango Nectar - Skin Salt - Bronze Butter - Creme Solaire

Private Island
You've just stepped off a 70 meter black yacht onto powder soft sand. You're greeted with an ice cold lavender mint towel and a fluorescent pink cocktail. "Mmmm..." you take a sip. "What's in this?" you ask. "It's passionfruit, pineapple, vanilla vodka and champagne." he says. "It's called Paradisiac Passion."
Notes: Intoxicating Skin Musk - Lush Gardenia - Captivating Black Fern

Paradisiac Passion
You're lured through a trail of emerald green flora that sweeps against your skin. The anticipation builds as you approach the villa - the view here is surreal. You'll spend the afternoon lounging under palm trees while the sun french kisses your skin. Later you'll shower and get ready to go out into the Balmy Night.
Notes: Intense Passionfruit - Blissful Mangosteen - Sweet Bougainvillea

Balmy Nights
"You ready baby?" He shouts over the smooth sound of WizKid booming throughout the villa. You smooth a few more drops of oil over your décolletage before joining him on the balcony. He caresses your lower back and asks if you're ready for a Summer Seduction...
Notes: Exotic Orchid - Sultry Jasmine - Saturn Peach - Brown Sugar


Feeling Godly
It's leaving a scent trail and giving Alpha male vibes. Divine Masculinity. The man that takes pride in handling his business like the boss that he is. He is a provider, protector, and the backbone of his family.
Notes: Sweet Praline - Smoky Tobacco, Warm Sandalwood - Sparkling Grapefruit

Gentleman & a Gangsta
It's deep and dominant just like his melanin. Smells like the perfect mix of book-smart and street-smart. He knows how to create in this world and he can for damn sure survive in it.
Notes: Egyptian Sandalwood - Black Currant - Woody Floral Violet

Gentle God
It's light, sensual, and powerful - all at the same time. Smells like a man that is self-aware, conscious, and of service to others. Peace is his priority and he is aligning with his purpose.
Notes: White Amber - Creamy Rum - Earthy Patchouli - Sheer Vanilla

Elixir of the Gods
Smells like royalty. This fragrance enters the room before you do and instantly commands attention from everyone.
Notes: Exotic Oud - Tonka Amber - Sheer Vanilla - Sicilian Bergamot - Green Leaves - Lavender

Ebony Oud
A deep, dark addiction. It's exclusive, rich, luxurious, and smooth.
Notes: Oud Wood - Black Sandalwood - Transparent Musk - Tonka Amber - Bergamot - Clove - Valencia Orange