The Summer Seduction Blends

The Summer Seduction Blends

Our Summer Seduction Body Oils have arrived for a limited time only! Stock up while they last.

Indulge your sun-kissed skin in the seductive power of our Summer body oils. Blended with ultra-hydrating tropical oils, these luxurious body oils will leave you feeling like you're in Caribbean bliss!

Choose from four irresistible fragrances or bundle them and save! Capture the allure of Summer romance and get ready to turn up the heat! 🔥

Read this Summers fragrance descriptions below. If you've tried them, leave a comment below and let us know what your faves are.

Summer Allure
You've been whisked away to a private paradise. The sun beams down on your shoulders, the sea salt gently sprays across your face, turquatic water surrounds you. The yacht begins to slow and you fix your gaze on the Private Island just ahead of you.
Notes: Juicy Mango Nectar - Skin Salt - Bronze Butter - Creme Solaire

Private Island
You've just stepped off a 70 meter black yacht onto powder soft sand. You're greeted with an ice cold lavender mint towel and a fluorescent pink cocktail. "Mmmm..." you take a sip. "What's in this?" you ask. "It's passionfruit, pineapple, vanilla vodka and champagne." he says. "It's called Paradisiac Passion."
Notes: Intoxicating Skin Musk - Lush Gardenia - Captivating Black Fern

Paradisiac Passion
You're lured through a trail of emerald green flora that sweeps against your skin. The anticipation builds as you approach the villa - the view here is surreal. You'll spend the afternoon lounging under palm trees while the sun french kisses your skin. Later you'll shower and get ready to go out into the Balmy Night.
Notes: Intense Passionfruit - Blissful Mangosteen - Sweet Bougainvillea

Balmy Nights
"You ready baby?" He shouts over the smooth sound of WizKid booming throughout the villa. You smooth a few more drops of oil over your décolletage before joining him on the balcony. He caresses your lower back and asks if you're ready for a Summer Seduction...
Notes: Exotic Orchid - Sultry Jasmine - Saturn Peach - Brown Sugar

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