Top 6 Self-Care Must-Haves for Summer

Top 6 Self-Care Must-Haves for Summer

As the warmth of Summer approaches, indulge in a shower routine to enhance your sense of freshness and confidence.

Step1: For clean and nourished skin, shower with our Aura Cleanse Body Wash. Each bottle comes with a complimentary pair of exfoliating gloves. Focus on areas such as armpits, elbows, knees and feet.

Step 2: Reduce razor bumps and reveal buttery skin with our Foaming Sugar Scrub. Use twice weekly for best results.

Step 3: Stay odor free all day by soaping up with our Feminine Yoni Wash and Masculine Ball Wash.

Step 4: Feel brand new, yet? Apply our Whipped Body Butter on damp skin for all day moisture that won't leave you sticky (even in the Summer heat).

Step 5: Drench your skin in our Blue Lotus Body Oils for her and him to achieve health, glazed skin. Fellas, don't forget to moisturize your beard.

Step 6: Finish your routine with a spritz of our Extrait de Parfum or Cologne for the ultimate layering effect.

Be on the lookout for our new Summer Blend Oils! This year, we are creating a new Summer fragrance for the men, too. Become a VIP Member to be notified first!

Be on the lookout for promotional offers during the month of June:

June is Mens Mental Health Month

June 4 - National Clean Beauty Day

June 14 - International bath day

June 16 - Fathers Day

June 19 - Juneteenth

June 22 - National Kissing Day

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