Happy National Women History Month

Happy National Women History Month

It's officially National Women's History Month! That means we have special deals coming that you won't want to miss! Sign-up to our SMS list to be notified when our deals go live!

Dates To Markdown:

  • 3rd - National Day of Unplugging
    It's time to get more in tune with yourself and others!

  • 8th - International Women's Day
    Celebrate what it means to be a Woman!

  • 12th - National Working Mom's Day
    Shoutout to all the hustling moms! We see you!

  • 15th - World Sleep Day
    To get better sleep, try our Protecting My Peace fragrance.

  • 20th - International Day of Happiness
    Putting yourself first will make you happier.

  • 21st - National Fragrance Day
    We enjoy the finer smells in life. Check out the list of our fragrance notes.

  • 26th - National Solitude Day
    It's important to take time for self-care, you deserve it!
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